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Saturday, October 5

me and him - 3 years already

Hello peeps !
 I know my hair look worst ! you know what , this is cause my hand ! I hate this hair so much !
okay . sorry my picture make you feel uncomfortable so much and you should know that I had that feeling too.
yes ! this is my boyfriend . he's still my boyfriend not my fienceeeeee or husbandddd .. but he's mySOUL . I love him so much ! I don't know how can I subscribe this feeling better than this .
Name : Mohamad Fazli Jef Azmy
born : 12 January 1994
Taken by Nurul Asikin binti Rasidi ..
I know, this is too short . I can't subscribe too much because he might be not comfortable with that . So, I need to be aware from that happen . Lovers, please know we had been 2 years - 11 month - and - 2 days . My couple anniversary is coming and we still counting for that . I just can wait for that . He's my love from the day we were get together and forever . Insyaallah . Please pray for our future to have a better and happy life .
The moment that had we share in our minds and the pictures will prove that sweet memories we had share together .
I realize honey, I would never could buy the moments we had through and the past that we had made all the time that I couldn't forget . I really appreciate what you had done for me . I will never can pay it . You are the most important person for me . You are the one who will make me happy, sad, excited and so on . you are my best partner ever ! I accept you for who you are . Baik buruk adalah dia . segalanya dia . I really hope he feel the same thing .
that's all about me and him . pray for us okay sweetheart . love you all so much !

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