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Monday, September 23

hi hi hi hi hi sayang sayang semua ! i'm exited right now ! of course because my result UPS are too worst ! but still bersyukur with it :'( I hope more blast day for me everyday .. I hope that will happen the same things to you guys . btw, behave yourself guys . this blog is mine, so I really hope NO FITNAH alright ..
dah dapat baucer buku . abaikan muka innocent yang takpernah nak matang ..
this is my class mate . maybe 1/3 . from left Arock(alya), Zulfa ,Anati, Adik(sharafina) and me .
 them ... the left one, Arock is my best practicummate ...
with adorable zzati from Kelantan .. this pictures while Merdeka-Raya .
all of my practicummate :7 this picture while Ramadhan .
from left me, yaya , waida, arock, alynn, fasya, n Nawa . they were come from Perak, MRSM Lenggong , except me and Waida from Pahang . they being nice to me . I really appreciate them so badly . this picture while last day for UPS .
this my result . I malas nak rotate . bende buruk mestilah share lastlast kan . huhu
with this result really make me feel wanna be more good after this .
  • I realize the reason to stay here to study hardly !
  • wanna make my parents proud of me
  • I know I can be better and get 4.00 when PSPM .
  • to not make everything as a joke .
  • be be mature .
  • love my own future .
  • what will I do in the future is be a Lady Boss.
  • study in University Malaya .
  • Degree and Master . 
they are my roommate ! I wanna story about them later when I really wanna share . they are my best roommate ever ! Nadzirah Mazlan and Balqis Sham . another one . tak payah kutt ..
that all for today . I love you sayang sayang .
asslamualaikum .

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